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A public health awareness campaign in the UK and Mainland Europe to improve the understanding of colorectal cancer and the importance of screening in Black and African Caribbean communities and – in the longer term - the South Asian population. The project’s previous working title was ‘On the Move’.

The Challenge

Early detection of cancers makes a dramatic difference to the patient’s chances of survival. 90% of patients, for example, make a full and rapid recovery if colorectal cancer is detected in its early stages. Only 14% of patients with a late, stage 4 diagnosis survive longer than 5 years. Yet, recent research shows that Black African and African Caribbean adults are statistically less likely to be aware of the key risk factors, of the warning signs and of the availability of CRC screening than white adults. 

Our Solution

GHP’s latest project, +Intestino sets out to address this serious health inequality by taking mobile education and screening units into Black communities across Europe. Based on highly successful work in the US and South Wales, the project aims to overcome the fear and mistrust involved in engaging with health services by being present and accessible in the heart of the community. With the benefit of funding from SYNLAB Foundation and Boehringer Ingelheim, The first pilot +Intestino (Portuguese for intestine) will take place in two locations in Portugal in September 2023. Further pilots, in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, will be staged in late 2023/early 2024 with the aim of producing a detailed report for submission to European policymakers in 2024. The aim is to create an evidence-based model for CRC screening and education that can be rolled out across Europe and eventually in other parts of the world where there’s low adoption of screening. 

Our thanks to our funders and partners Synlab Foundation, Boeringer Ingleheim and Merck. 


Conducting focus group research among Black communities, community leaders and influencers. 

Established our Expert Advisory Board.

Identifying KPIs for Epidemiology & Public Health.

Establishing practical partnerships with

relevant cultural leaders and groups within

project countries.

Working with funding partners to establish a set of measures and targets for the campaign.

Planning, managing and promoting a practical and scalable series of mobile screening and education events, including a robust process for supporting participants with positive test results.   

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12_Successful Completion.png
+Intestino_Infographic (light orange 50%).png

Click on the PDF icon, to read our project summary:

That's a Wrap!

Click the video below to see our mobile units in action. Our partner, Europacolon Portugal, filmed this video during one of the screening events in Lisbon, Portugal.

Advisory Group


Christian Von Wagner

Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Research in Early Diagnosis of Cancer at University College London. Expert in Health Literacy, Colorectal Cancer Screening, Decision Making, Socioeconomic inequalities


Cesare Hassan

Specialist in Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy at ‘Sapienza University’ in Rome . Member of the ESGE Governing Board.


Pia Cox

Medical doctor with more than 20 years accumulated international experience working in different disease domains and healthcare settings.

Trained in surgery, HIV medicine and public health. Executive Director and previously co-Chair of All.Can Belgium and founder of All.Can Senegal.

Long time advocate for patients and the underprivileged, and involved in different not for profit organizations, particularly in the domain of cancer.  


Karen Emery-Downing

National Programme Manager – Bowel Cancer Screening, NHS England


Joanna Traynor

Diversity and culture change consultant to public institutions. Trained nurse and senior psychotherapist.

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