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Inside Out

A three-year project working to close the gap in expert advice for young people about colorectal/bowel cancer. This is realised in a digital hub and social media campaign will raise awareness about the risks, signs and symptoms among Gen Z. The project’s previous working title was ‘Go with your Gut'.

The Challenge

There is alarming evidence that more and more young people are being diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer and other serious digestive diseases. The urgent need now is to ensure that there is better awareness and understanding of the risks, signs and symptoms so that more people can benefit from early, sometimes life-saving interventions.

Our Solution

Over the past two years GHP has worked with a focus group of Gen Z young people from across Europe. They have helped to shape a vehicle for the essential awareness and education messages we need to convey. With their advice, GHP’s plan is to take advantage of the widespread growth in interest in gut health and wellbeing, harnessing it to communicate precise and helpful advice about digestive diseases. The focus group will be expanded throughout the project to ensure we stay connected with the audience we seek to reach.


The project involves creating a distinctive, pan-European brand, a central web-based information hub and a lively programme of events, publications and advice. Using platforms like Instagram and TikTok, our aim is ultimately develop this project over a period of three years in order to build an active, mutually supportive community of young people across Europe to further spread the word.


 To learn more about our project click here.



Focus group involving young adults across Europe.

Detailed exploration of health/wellness apps and websites and their audiences.

Phase two development in progress

Collaboration with key stakeholders to secure funding.

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