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Global Healthcare Projects (GHP) is a Not-for-Profit health organisation committed to public health awareness projects for the prevention of cancer across the world. We work particularly to benefit communities faced with gaps or inequalities in cancer prevention. 

GHP commits to uphold these core values in all the work that we do with stakeholders, peers and patients;


 Honesty and openness in all communication with stakeholders and organisations. 



Change can only be achieved through productive collaboration with other organisations, key stakeholders and communities.


Equality, Diversity

and Inclusion

Committed to ensuring fair treatment and opportunity for all. 



This work we do is delicate and can elicit a multitude of responses. It is paramount that respect is the cornerstone of every project.



To ensure everyone has the ability

and knowledge to claim their right

to healthcare.


Global Challenges

While our current activity is confined to the UK and Mainland Europe, GHP is addressing ways of promoting greater awareness and understanding of cancer in disadvantaged communities much further afield.


Sub-Saharan Africa is a special priority for us.  Here cancer is an emerging health problem which requires urgent interventions to improve both incidence and mortality rates. It has been suggested that by 2030 there will be a 70% increase in new cancer cases due to population growth and ageing.


The aim is to open a dialogue with key stakeholders to look at developing innovative and powerful ways to educate the area’s citizens on the importance of screening and early diagnosis in the key cancers. The WHO’s work on the continued development of cancer registries, especially in low to middle income countries, will help. But the big opportunity is the incredible growth of mobile phone access across the region which could enable us to harness social media to change behaviours and save lives.

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GHP's February 2024 Webinar

Watch our virtual webinar below where we discussed our evidence based model for moving forward to working with disadvantaged and disengaged communities.


Our host, Charles Mills, interviewed several special guests including Luca Cuccia (CEO of Injoy), Vitor Neves (President of EuropaColon Portugal), Dr. Christian von Wagner (Professor of Behavioural Science at University College London) and Dr. Pia Cox regarding our projects. Jolanta Gore-Booth, Founder and Director of Global Healthcare Projects, also introduced Global Healthcare Project's newest project, the Alimentary Experience [working title].

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