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Addressing inequalities in CRC Awareness and Screening in Black African and African Caribbean Communities

It is widely understood that early detection of cancers makes a dramatic difference to the patient’s chances of survival. 90% of patients, for example, make a full and rapid recovery if colorectal cancer is detected in its early stages. Only 14% of patients with a late, stage 4 diagnosis survive longer than 5 years.


Yet, recent research shows that Black African and African Caribbean adults are statistically less likely to be aware of the key risk factors, of the warning signs and of the availability of CRC screening than white adults. Not only do we intend to address these inequalities in the adult communities but we will also be including an additional stand alone campaign to speak to young people and to educate them about this cancer which is now increasing at a rapid rate in these young populations. 


It would be our intention to do a similar project in the Asian communities.

Click here to watch the full recorded 24 May 2022 session.

Click here for the highlights V1 of the meeting.

Click here for the highlights V2 of the meeting.

Holding Hands

Carers Connect

As pressure on hospitals and state-provided care intensifies, there’s increasing recognition of the essential part played by informal caregivers – the people who look after loved-ones with long term illnesses. It’s often a lonely and challenging role, yet there’s remarkably little specialist advice and support for the many thousands of people who carry it out.

The team at GHP has just helped DiCE launch a pilot of an online portal for Informal Carers of CRC patients.  This simple, accessible hub gives Informal Carers the opportunity to meet via regular video meetings and events and to share advice, information and useful resources.  

Take-up in three pilot countries was very positive and has to date been very successful inunderlining the huge need for informal Caregivers to have a platform where they can share their thoughts with those in a similar position.  

Our priority at GHP is to transform the prototype platform into a technically robust and sustainable template which any Informal Caregiver community associated with any long term NDC can quickly adopt and use for themselves at an accessible cost.  We want to use the portal to enable an unlimited network of mutually supportive Carer groups right the way across Europe.

Playing a Shooting Game

Go With Your Gut!


Go With Your Gut is intended to give young adults across Europe a greater awareness of colorectal and digestive cancers, their signs and symptoms, their genetic and lifestyle origins and the available screening options. We have established a group of young people to work with us and help guide us in the right direction. Using social media (Instagram, Tik Tok etc)we will promote positive gut health as well as gastrointestinal cancers building a story and not just a one off message.


Our aim is that, by working with our very talented young animators to get gut health and all its implications on to every young person’s agenda creating an Instagram community.

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